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  1. Helena’s Roots: A Premium Cannabis Experience Born and Bred on the West Coast

    Helena Farms was born to bring a righteously deserved west coast premium cannabis experience. Grounded in deep love and respect for the plant, Helena Farms packs expertly crafted pre-rolls with the finest, most consciously ocean-grown harvested bud available. Helena engulfs you in California’s rich counterculture heritage with each puff. Heralded from the rolling countryside of…

  2. Smoke Wisely and Effortlessly with Helena Farm’s Ocean-Grown Flower 

    With Helena Farms’ ocean-grown flower, you always have la creme de la creme of cannabis at your fingertips. Bred under the California sunshine and in an ocean-air greenhouse, this premium bud exudes nothing but excellence given Helena Farms’ careful ecological approach to traditional weed growing ways.  Helena’s pre-rolls of greenhouse flower impart a wonderful blend…

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